Eden Artist



Feedback’s legendary bone breakin’ beats have seen him grace just about every major South African trance music festival.

His futuristic, groovy sound has seen him command the dancefloors of Vortex, Alien Safari, Earthdance, Origin, Rezonance, Cosmic Connection, Organik, and Sunflower Festival – where he has performed alongside the biggest global names in the genre!

Feedback’s adaptive style lends itself from mind-melting full-on beats through to hands-in-the-air-foot-stomping progressive. This is an artist who likes to keep things tribal and techy. Something to get your teeth stuck into and howl at – let’s get twisted!

Behind the scenes, and to those that know – Feedback project is the brainchild and alter-ego of one of SA’s true electronic pioneers – Dean Fuel, and is also responsible for one of SA’s biggest and best-loved Psytrance event brands – Labyrinth – which has hosted top international artists such as D-Nox, Skazi, and Sub6 amongst others, in its over 10-y