Eden Artist



As one of the most expressive producers in Brazil, Diego Rodrigues is the name behind the project KRASH!. Producer and DJ for 9 years, has influences from New Age to Funky, applying a little of everything in his music, lover of the timbres striking analogue synthesizers and sound science in general, always seeks to break paradigms and the “no” labels, and thus, a versatile and flexible producer can vary, without fear, what produces in the studio.

With the simple and basic idea of ​​modernizing music that in some generation have marked is one of the main qualities of the project, for example the track “What Else is There?” By the double hitmaker Röyksopp, which is remade in the KRASH! version broke barriers and is one of the most played tracks on the tracks of the four corners of the world.

With memorable presentations in clubs and expressive parties in Brazil, in a short time his music crosses borders and arrives in Europe and Africa, the first international tour is in Cairo in Egypt, back to Brazil, arrives as one of the promises for the year 2016 , without labels and in favor of versatile music has been walking through the rankings of the great virtual store Beatport, reaching positions of world expression.

Supported by: Alok, Steve Aoki, Vintage Culture, Gabe, Thee Cool Cats. Gustavo Mota, Dashdot, Gabriel Boni, Flow and Zeo, Groove Delight, Plastic Robots, Doozie, Hot Bullet, Dash Groove, Lazy Bear, and many others.